Sibarita’s Selection Cabernet Sauvignon     €22 (glass €6)
A very structured, balanced, long and elegant Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep, impressive ruby-red colour, nose is governed by pleasant notes of plum, raspberry and sweet spices, while on the palate chocolate and subtle hints of vanilla can be appreciated.

Dissegna Francesco Merlot Organic    €25 (glass €6.75)
An intense vinous, pleasant and slightly herbaceous bouquet which is in special contrast with its clear fruity notes. Wine with a great personality, on the palate it is well-balanced, clean, very full-bodied.

Castillo San Simon Tempranillo    €26
Intense aromas of red berry fruits on the nose including strawberries, raspberries and touches of cranberry. Lively on the palate with lovely ripe red fruit character.

Barbera Piemonte    €27
A refreshing red wine with lively dark cherry fruits, and a smooth finish. Great with pork and chicken dishes, particularly when combined with pasta.

Chianti Classico Picus    €28
Intense red fruit aromas, especially redcurrants and raspberries, are amplified by light hints of vanilla and coffee sensations. This full-bodied wine is pleasantly lingering with soft, sweet tannins.

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Il Bucco    €28
A very attractive wine with lively sweet dark fruits, and a nice kick on the finish. A great all-rounder to drink with pizza, pasta dishes, chicken and pork.

Pinot Noir Terlano    €30
Fresh stimulating nose with an aromatic spectrum ranging from blackberry and bilberry to a hint of cherry brandy with notes of licorice and aromas of undergrowth. On the palate, this Pinot Noir offers a delightful balance between ripe fruit and a delicate tannin.

Deakin Estate Shiraz    €28
Spicy fruitcake and raisin aromas are at the forefront, followed by plum, cinnamon and chocolate notes. A well balanced rich palate with dark berry fruits and fine tannins.

Nero d’Avola    €30
Deep ruby colour, and full bouquet which heralds a firm and powerful structure, a distinct but not intrusive amount of tannin and a delicate acidity.

Chateau Ricaudet Cru Bourgeois Medoc    €32
A very fruity driven style wine with hints of cherry on the palate. Round and soft with a smooth finish. An excellent and versatile food wine.


Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé    27 € (glass 7 €)
Fragrant and floral, voluptuous, with a silky texture and a fresh, fruity body. Delicious with light dishes including chicken, salads but also Oriental dishes.



Sibarita’s Selection Sauvignon Blanc    €22 (glass €6)
Light Sauvignon Blanc from Chile with a subtle tropical fruitiness and citrus hints.

Pinot Grigio Organic    €25 (glass €6.75)
Slightly fruity bouquet accompanied by a light note of almonds. Soft and harmonious, slightly bitter in taste. Ideal with vegetables dishes, appetizers, fish and cheeses.

Deakin Estate Chardonnay    €26 (glass €7)
A great Aussie Chardonnay, packed with peach, pear, melon and quince. Lightly chilled is a great accompaniment to seafood, poultry, white meat and soft cheese.

Eco Balance Viognier    €27
Integrity, sustainability and an earth-friendly focus are the inspiration behind this creation. Healthy grapes and beautiful vineyards, teeming with life deliver these engaging wines from the valleys of Chile. Full, with a rich array of orange blossom, peach and apricot flavours. Long length with a delicate floral note to finish.

Pinot Grigio Zenato    €28
Riper, rounder and distinctly more characterful than most. Still retains the crisp refreshing finish that has endeared so many to this style of wine. Try it with fish or seafood recipes.

Half-bottle Auslese Alois Kracher   €28
Amazingly concentrated rich barley sugar and tangerines in an intensely sweet but balanced wine. Great dessert wine, goes well with tart or chocolate dishes.

Emiliana Riesling Bio-Bio    €31
The palate is refreshing, with powerful citrus notes, especially lime flesh, tropical lime peel, grapefruit and a subtle note of slightly sweeter pineapple.

Half Bottle

Moreau Chardonnay Vin De Pays    €14
This is an elegant un-oaked wine with ripe fruit undertones and a good finish. Fresh on the nose, buttery and fruity with some milkiness. Good with all fish and poultry, grilled or in sauce.

Marques De Riscal Tempranillo    €15
High aromatic intensity, with aromas of ripe dark fruit and fine smoked notes. Meaty and crisp, moderate acidity with a long, pleasant finish. This wine pairs well with ham, mild cheeses, poultry, grilled and roast meat.

Ladera Verde Sauvignon Blanc    €14
This Sauvingon Blanc is risp and fresh with limey fruit, a hint of herbs and a twist of ripe melon. Typically dependable and friendly, and an excellent introduction to Chile.

Morandé Pionero Merlot   €14
Fruity combined with a sweet vanilla sensation, cloves and chocolate. It has great body, though very smooth and gentle with long persistence.